Sustainability in mind

It’s incredible to think that each year, 400 million tonnes of materials are used by the UK construction industry. This is widely considered to be unsustainable. As an industry, we must find new and better ways to build the homes and buildings of tomorrow – but without it costing the earth. We believe that part of that answer lies in off-site and modular construction techniques and greater use of natural, regenerable locally sourced materials.

Streamlined & efficient

Wild & Country uses off-site/modular construction techniques to make our cabins and buildings. From a sustainability perspective, this approach offers a raft of benefits. Firstly, it’s a great way of eliminating waste at source: streamlined design and efficient production help to reduce waste to landfill. And, because we produce our buildings in a factory setting, we’re able to ensure quality and precision in a way that’ on a typical construction site.

our homes

Sustainable materials

Every one of our buildings is designed to meet the highest standards of materials specification. Whether it’s the timber we use for cladding – the vast majority of which is Grown in Britain certified and locally sourced – or the insultation we use to keep our spaces warm, you’re assured we’ve taken the guess work out of greener, more carbon conscious living and building. We are also huge advocates for the use of regeneratable materials such as timber that can have a carbon positive impact on the earth.

Carbon conscious

By making an investment in one of our buildings, you’re playing your own part in achieving net zero CO2 emissions in the UK by 2050. If you’re wondering why this is important, it’s because homes account for 20% of all UK CO2 emissions. Buildings like ours are part of the solution: they are inherently designed with energy efficiency in mind. The way we clad, insulate, and glaze each space is with the environment in mind.

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