From home offices to yoga studios, glamping pods and secret sanctuaries, Wild & Country’s garden rooms connect you to nature.


Here at Wild & Country we create spaces set to inspire and connect you to the natural world. From our workshops in the heart of Wiltshire’s rolling hills, our talented team makes garden rooms, cabins and home offices. Craftmanship, sustainability and a profound love and respect for nature run to our very core.  


Every story has a beginning, and ours played out during the restoration of a sprawling 17th CenturyWiltshire estate. Wild & Country’s founders, William Hibbert and Sam Baker met at the estate, where Sam was meticulously renovating the walled gardens and oak framed cricket pavilion, returning them to their former beauty. In the process they bonded over their love of craft and the natural world. Gradually, this passion evolved into a business idea and the rest, as they say, is history. Wild & Country was born and, with it, came our architecturally designed garden rooms.  


From our workshop, set amidstWiltshire’s lush countryside, the team at Wild & Country now handcrafts a range of modular cabins. Whether you want a home office, yoga studio, outdoor gym or simply a refuge where you can relax and unwind, our glass-fronted garden rooms provide a peaceful space where you can soak up Mother Nature’s mood-boosting benefits. From the timber construction to the glass frontage and the light, airy interior, everything has been cleverly masterminded to connect you to the great outdoors.  


Insulated and fully powered, our garden rooms are perfect for everything from a spot of socialising, to workouts and running a home business – or all three. Their modular construction makes them practical and cost effective too. For a start, many sizes fall within permitted development, potentially reducing time-consuming and costly planning applications.  

Each solid timber cabin is also carefully crafted at our Wiltshire workshop by our trusted team, meaning your garden doesn’t become a building site. This efficient construction method means less waste, less mess and less cost for you.  


Oh, and did we mention how sustainably-minded we are? Protecting the planet underpins our ethos, makingWild & Country an eco-conscious choice. From cladding that’s Grown inBritain Certified to carbon-conscious insulation and glazing, every garden cabin is painstakingly created to keep you cosy, while protecting the environment.  


At Wild & Country we pride ourselves on offering flexible spaces too. After all, everyone knows one size doesn’t really fit all. While our core range of solid timber garden rooms start with our ‘Small’ building which has a fixed depth of 2.7m or 3.3.m, whilst the length can be expanded in 0.6m increments to fulfil your needs. And for those who are dreaming big, we are busy expanding our collection to include a range of medium and larger modular cabins. Perfectly suited to holiday accommodation, commercial offices and even classrooms and nurseries, they open a world of possibility. Watch this space!  


To discover how Wild &Country’s solid timber garden rooms can transform your outside space, give us acall on 01225 690013.